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Project Description

The Brief

Americana Podunk came in many forms and was the story of a 5 year ramble around the country. Yeah, I was a bum; slept in ditches; lived on a few bucks a day, ate out of cans, smoked snipes and tooled around the countryside for no good reason other than doing it. Hands down it was a very important creative moment in my life. I also took stabs at different occupations while traveling to keep fuel in the tank, such as a pork processing plant, the crazy carny life for a month at Sturgis, and a substitute high school teacher. Besides, I had thousands of photos and a ton of found crap squished in the panniers next to the laptop. This experience needed to be documented.

What We Did

The first project was a set of 20 postcards housed in a handmade portfolio and finished off with a custom rubber stamp. A total of 50 units were created and all of them sold out. The Americana Podunk website came to life, a visual heavy site which contains stories, routes and images. I also found myself creating artwork of proverbs from the Patron Saints of the Road which turned into a series of art prints. Lastly, using my experience in publication design I created a magazine for the Podunk Travels. The magazine documented near experiences with death from people and trees, road fixes and general bumming around the American Country Side.

HHM Creative
HHM Creative